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Ubiquiti is a global technology company that manufactures and sells wireless data communication & wired products for enterprises and homes under multiple brand names.

Their popular UniFi solution is an integrated networking, surveillance, VoIP and Access Control device ecosystem customized towards enterprise users. The UniFi Network devices are managed by the UniFi Network Controller.

Their product portfolio includes the following among others:


  • Network Switches;
  • Access Points;
  • Complete VoIP Solutions;
  • Access Control Systems;
  • Smart Power & Rack Solutions;
  • Antennas;
  • POE injectors;
  • Converters;
  • Surveillance System products (Cameras, Switches, NVRs, etc)
  • Cables; and
  • Accessories.


Ubiquiti has gained popularity through their push towards next-generation internet, VoIP solution, smart homes and smart enterprise IT products built with innovative technology and a dedicated end-user focus. Their surveillance suite ensures that your assets are secured all the time and you are updated in real time.    

Venlia has a partnership agreement with Ubiquiti and the entire range of their products. 

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Featured Ubiquiti Products