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IT equipment usually comprises of very sensitive components which will be operational. These require both physical security and properly maintained operational environments. There is also need for proper and adequate ventilation to allow for the free circulation of air to preserve processors from overheating and moisture.

Venlia has both Cabinets and Racks solutions to cater for these necessities. Our portfolio includes the following components amongst others:

  • Data cabinets – full range of 19 inch cabinets starting from 4U to 47U free standing cabinets. 
  • Wall boxes – these range from 4U to 20U and fitted to international standards.
  • Floor standing cabinets – these 19 inch adjustable cabinets are fitted according to international standards.
  • Server racks – these cater for all the equipment that is up to 19 inches wide and the server rack sizes range from 15U to 47U in height.
  • Server rack accessories – we also offer related accessories to ensure your server rack has its equipment secured.


Our portfolio offers a variety of specific solutions to address the security and durability of your equipment.

Kindly enquire from us and get a solution.

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