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Company Profile

Venlia Incorporation is a company which was established in 2004 with the sole mandate of providing integrated ICT (Information and Communications Technology) solutions and Digital Security Solutions. We are also experts in infrastructure setup services such as fiber layout and entire network cabling services.

Our business covers the following three broad categories:

  1. Integrated ICT solutions;
  2. Digital Security solutions;
  3. Infrastructure setup & Cabling services – Fiber Layout, Fiber installation, Fiber Termination, and Fault Clearance services.


Over the years, Venlia Incorporation has built a proven track record of quality and timely delivery of products and services across all industry sectors in Africa. Our experienced team has made this a possibility due to the accumulated expertise over the years.

Venlia Incorporation has partnership agreements with several reputable OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) across the globe to increase our competitiveness. This has enabled our organization to offer high quality products and services at affordable prices within the best time frames.

The Venlia Inc. Team

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